I’m writing this on Christmas eve, December 24th, 2015. The topic seemed appropriate for the day, and in consideration of the imminent arrival of a New Year.

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I had some time to kill (what a sad expression that is!) in a downtown shopping mall while her iPhone was being repaired. We ambled around and found ourselves browsing in a store that was stuffed with wonderful items, large and small, from Tibet and/or made my Tibetan refugees.

The first item that caught my eye, and which was probably the reason we spent upwards of a half hour and a significant number of dollars in this store, was a simple card with a quotation from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. It just totally resonated with me, because it so encapsulates my own, heretofore unarticulated philosophy of happiness.

A good heart is both important and effective in daily life.

If in a small family, even without children, the members have a warm heart for each other, a peaceful atmosphere will be created.

However, if one of the persons feels angry, immediately the atmosphere in the house becomes tense.

Despite the food or a nice television set, you will lose peace and calm.

As things depend more on the mind than on matter. 

Matter is important, we must have it, we must use it properly, but in this century we must combine a good brain with a good heart.

So I offer this to anyone and everyone who may pass this way. May this help to guide you to and through a truly happy and fulfilling year in 2016.