Privacy Matters

How we protect your privacy (and ours!) online

Privacy Out Loud

The digital age has opened up very many more ways for us to connect to clients, to partners, and to loved ones.

Remember the Rolodex™? Our new version is digital and rather than being simpler to maintain, it’s actually more complex than ever! Business cards, both electronic and physical also come with implications none of us expected!

Does this card entitle me to add this person to a mailing list, or to my contact management system (CMS)? And, “Do I need more permission? Will they view my emails as spam? How often can I contact them, and what about? How responsible do I have to be for this information?”

It’s a lot to think about.

Here is what we do

We are always happy to accept a business card, or a referral, or to meet someone new. After the handshakes and the conversations, we always ask for permission to make contact again.

For example, when you signup for our newsletter group, we use a double opt-in process, just to be sure that someone else didn’t sign up in your name, breaching your privacy, without your consent!

We honour the response – especially when “No” means No!

A “Yes”, however, doesn’t give us Carte Blanche to step over your privacy or misuse your information. We still feel the need to keep that information private and safe; in much the same way we prefer the contents of our address book, or diary, remains private.

Of course, if you are a client, we will contact you as often as is necessary for us to continue or complete any work we do together, or purchases you may make.

Bottom line, while we will be mindful of your privacy interests, we will keep in touch from time to time, as for as long as you’re open to hearing from us.

We just won’t share your information with others.


We hate Spam

Of course we do! Anyone with work to do hates being interrupted by the invitations to buy a ‘designer drug’ at a discount. Heck, who has time??!!

We promise that we will never give (or sell) your email address to anyone.

Web Host Information

Part of keeping your information safe involves being aware of our own website security.

Most of our clients are stunned to learn how often even the simplest websites come under attack from unscrupulous web-users looking for places to spread spam-bots and viruses!

Anyway, part of the protection of your information comes from being vigilant about updating our website architecture (and sometimes design). We make sure that every conceivable security hole is plugged on our end; we use reliable hosts and securely store documents behind firewalls.

Why might you care?

Most of our clients are ‘real world’ creative and we certainly don’t expect them to be digitally and ‘net savvy.

We take responsibility for creating safe digital space for our clients and visitors.

We hope you do too. It all contributes to making business on the ‘net much safer.

The Basics
  • Double opt-in – check!
  • Routine list cleaning – check!
  • Site security – double check!