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Engineering Creative Starts Here

It was a crazy idea. Artisan and Engineer, actually getting along well enough to build a business!

We discovered how a ‘Right Brain meets Left Brain’ philosophy can help build business agility as well as relationships with customers, clients, and family!

Based on 60+ years of balancing creativity with practicality we’ve finally learned the trick(s) to creating a sustainable business!

Right Brain

For the days when the ideas come thick and fast, I needed to be able to balance big vision and impact with exquisite detail.

The fun started in 2009 when we put our two half-brains together to build a ‘whole-brain’ perspective business!

My creative thinking. His attention to the details.


Joss Rowlands, Co-Founder


The tension between your craft and your business can feel like it will drive you crazy

No matter where you are in your creative business world:

  • starting with passion
  • happily expanding or,
  • reaching higher

there is always lots of advice from other people about how you ‘should’ run your business. And most of it, even where it makes sense, is just not an appealing way to spend time!

Left Brain

I never had any doubts about us working together, until she stomped on my carefuly developed detailed, comprehensive workshop program – in the middle of the event!

Five years later, I really appreciate how far we’ve travelled together, and how we co-create for our clients, not for ourselves.

Our clients seem to appreciate the impact of our creative left/right brain tension, and they learn so much by seeing it in action.

John Breeze, Co-Founder

Right Brain Meets Left Brain Helps

The Artist/Artisan can lose passion in the face of an over-whelming ‘to-do list’!

The genius idea.

The gift of service.

BANG! – the dream comes up against the hard reality of structure, finance and reporting. Long hours trying to master the numbers, or make sense of ‘foreign’ concepts, can slowly drain the passion from the business.

It’s just not interesting, and it certainly isn’t fun.

Most of the traditional advice doesn’t help because it isn’t easy and it takes too much time away from being with clients, sharing vision, being useful.

We get it. We’ve been there too.

There is a way out.

Two Choices

There’s the hard way out. There’s a simpler way out.

The hard way, of course, is to stay where you are for as long as it takes to find your own way out.

As long as you don’t run out of energy, or oxygen, or money!

The simpler way is to find and engage with people who’ve been along this path before.

People who understand what you are experiencing now, who want to help you find the easier path to your dream.

Seeking Guidance

We’ve been there. More than once.

It took us a while to realize that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

In fact, it’s a defining moment, when left brain and right brain start to become friends.

We’ll develop the Design ~ Balance ~ Build approach with you and your business through an effective process that we call becoming ADEPT™.

It takes 5 Steps

Five Steps

  • Ask
  • Devise
  • Engage
  • Plan, and
  • Travel
Being ADEPT™ is the five step “process” (think left-brain here) that meets up with “Design-Balance-Build” (right-brain) in a way that highlights what is unique in you and your business.

The steps are not ‘prescriptive’, or a to-do list. It’s not ‘marketing’, ‘social-proof’ or ‘selling’. It is a way for you to develop a new mindset about your business.

We can start by working with just the ‘problem’ you are facing right now. And/or, we can take you as far as helping you live your passion while your business sustains your life. It’s up to you.

Welcome to YOUR Simpler Way!

We would love to talk with you and get to know something about who you are, the creative aspect of your business, and what’s not working for you right now. And we’ll give you an overview of what Design – Balance – Build could mean for you.

You can call either of us directly, or connect with us by email, to set up a no-charge, no-obligation 30-minute conference call.

After that, who knows how brilliantly we can create together!

Contact Information

Phone: 403.286.7942 – In Alberta Phone: 604.999.5007 – In BC eMail: hello@itsallaboutconnecting.ca

Common Questions

What do you mean by creative?

Creative, from our perspective, is what it takes to imagine a world that is different. It’s the ability to rely on inner skills, talents and abilities when making decisions, or when making a difference in the world.

It also means that the products and services that you offer to your clients and customers are created specifically for each of them. You’re not in any kind of “cookie-cutter” business.

Do I have to be an artist?

Actually, we are all artists in our own way.

In fact, you may have decided to start your own business precisely because what you were doing before didn’t allow your own artistic talent to shine.

YOUR unique artistry can easily be expressed by whatever you add to your clients’ physical or emotional experience of your business.

I already have a whole brain - what difference do you make?

Of course we all have a whole brain, with one side more dominant than the other. Western culture has pushed us to being left-brain-centric.

In building a business on your own, you need to be able to use both sides of your brain; train them to work well together. We help you understand and work with both sides of your brain to bring benefit to your business activities. You will learn the right balance for you, and how to get what you need to build sustainability.

Why now?

The processes of the Industrial Revolution no longer have us in their grasp. In part due to a greater focus on more education, and in part on the incredible work being done in the field of Neuroscience.

We’re entering an age that is both forward looking, and backward looking. Forward to greater connection with others in an effort of global sustainability. Backward to a time when we created for our lives, instead of just consuming our lives.

How much will this cost?

We don’t know yet.

Just like you, we create solutions for our clients that are unique for them.

Once we’ve had our initial call with you, we’ll know whether we can help you. If so, we’ll have a longer call to get to know you in depth.

Then we’ll devise an approach that will work for you and we’ll provide you with some options for you to consider.

Who We Are

Joss Rowlands, CPCC

Joss Rowlands, CPCC

Artisan - Co-Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur: I didn’t start out as an entrepreneur, until I discovered that schooling and the ‘normal way’ didn’t inspire me. Being multi-talented, I’ve started several businesses; been at the forefront of new people centric initiatives, I bring a wealth of experience from the failures and the triumphs of stepping out and doing something new. A creative mindset is everything that you need – and your own sense of timing!

Vision and Strategy: Creativity demands vision, and a 30,000 foot view is my place to start. A 3-D perspective allows for endless possibility, ideas, and unusual solutions to situations. I’m adept at seeing the way forward. My client work involves exploration, inspiration and maintaining balance between the spark of imagination and the groundwork of foundation.

Creative Conflict: Making decisions and moving things forward are how we evolve – and the journey is not always comfortable, or without conflict. Yet, those feelings are often at the bottom of innovation and are food for the creative soul. Creative juices are stimulated by high emotions, by the digging into what’s difficult.

Pioneering Leadership: Your business is about making a difference, creating change, and you can’t do that by repeating the successes of the past. That is the fastest way to mediocrity. Leadership means building teams, designing systems, and promoting action. Being stuck is not a long-term solution. I focus on your Leadership, your ability to work the ‘soft-skills’ necessary for creating and understanding the balance of being and doing when living a full life.

Is this YOU?

Is this YOU?

Our Client

No matter where you are on your voyage of living the life you care about, by using the talents you were given, creativity is a big part of that journey. Your fingers itch to create. Your mind can race with new ideas, or stall with indecision.

And you are not a flake, or an odd-ball, or too eccentric.

What you might not enjoy, or be interested in is learning the ‘language of business’. It’s dry, and reminds you of the worst job you ever had. You wish that your accountant (if you have one) would just not expect you to care about the numbers in the way she does. It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just that the words she uses are ‘foreign’ or feel irrelevant.

And contracts or client agreements. They sound so demanding and restrictive, and almost smell of impending trouble. Yet, you know that having them protects the valuable relationship the exists between you and your client.

Still, deep inside, you know that you do need to keep an eye on those basics, it’s just not clear which ones matter right now and which ones don’t.

You have so much to give, that sometimes it feels that you are the only one who really understands. It’s an ache, a need, a compulsion. The evolutionary development of your skill is one of your highest goals. Not starving in an attic is another.

So while you think it’s not possible to have a balance between your talent and your business, we’re here to show you that you can have a great balance between the two, without having to short-change yourself in the process.

John Breeze, MA, MBA, ACC

John Breeze, MA, MBA, ACC

Engineer - Co-Founder & President

Business engineer: my interest is to find ways of making your business work, bringing it into balance with the rest of your life. So once I get you clear about what you really want, my job is to help you get there. I’ll help you design your vision, plan your journey, make it real. I’ll hold you accountable for your own successes and cheer your learning from your setbacks.

Clarity: skills and wisdom from many years of working with people who thought they knew what the problem was, but couldn’t come up with a solution that worked until I helped them create the clarity that was missing.

I love asking ” why?” and ” what?”, as in “what’s the outcome you want from this?”, or “what do you want to do with [ fill in the blank ] when you get it?” I’m really persistent in discovering what my clients really want, and why. I want them to become equally persistent with their clients, because I love working with people who have the mindset to create for their clients true needs, rather than their wants.

Advisor, Mentor, Coach: that grey hair (what there is of it) represents forty-plus years experience in business operations, financial management and operations thinking. Senior roles in management, engineering, recruiting and consulting are part of that experience.

I’ll likely use a quiet sense of humour as I help you gain new perspectives of what’s happening in your business and your life.

Be prepared for me to ask questions that have you think deeply about what you’re really looking for and how to get there. As you discover your vision and your purpose, you’ll discover and start exercising muscles that you never knew existed!

Virtual Assistants

Our business lifeline

Developing the ability to expand is a constant challenge to anyone crafting a business. As a result, we work with a variety of men and women who assist us through their businesses online.

When we want help with scheduling, or need to find space for developing new products and services, we lean on our VAs.

We use them to post our blogs, find us images for workbooks, grapple with spreadsheets, or ruthlessly weed through our email streams!

Our use of Virtual Assistance allows us to feel the pull of expansion without being stretched too thin.

We think you would benefit from one too!

Still Not Sure?

Sometimes the website just doesn’t have all the information you are looking for. So, if you still have questions, or need a deeper connection, reach out!
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